About us (pirate radio)

 Club FM started back in the late 90's and ran on and off until 2006, gaining many headlines along the way. 


The Dj Gillies era started in 2006 where the station was bought by  myself, equipment and name included. We ran with a high powered 150w  transmitter on 103.6 FM, every weekend and most weekdays, playing the very best in dance, trance, hardcore & techno for the best  part of a year. The station was booming, live dj's most nights, high  quality jingles, online coverage and live callers from all over Glasgow,  we set standards high and were the prime pirate radio station in the city. Eventually we got busted, good things always come to an end. We  did however continue on air, dabbling with lower powered transmitters  and shifting to various different frequencies (due to the arrival of  Sunny Govan on 103.5), however it all felt half hearted and the "glory  days" were well and truely over, resulting in us selling our final 40w  rig in 2007. 


That was it, until now. 


2018 and we are back on air. with more power than ever before. As radio evolves we have been recently venturing into the world of internet radio alongside the main FM platform. You will also find us on our personal app and on your smart speaker.